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Important Facets While Decorating With Molding & Trim

Decorating With Molding & Trim
No matter what kind of residential design you showcase, molding and trim are an important aspect that can add a decorative look to your space. Molding installation is a unique method of increasing the value of your home. The only problem is that if you don’t know which type to install, it can ruin the entire look. Keep reading to have a knowledge on molding.

The decorative border around a door is called a trim. A trim consists of:

basebordStarting from the floor, the first component of a trim is a baseboard. It is a long strip of wood attached to the base of the wall that connects to the edge of the floor. It creates a transition between the walls and the floor.

WainscotingNot always a trim, wainscoting is a kind of paneling that lies between the picture rails on the wall and the baseboard. Some homeowners apply paint on that area to give the wainscoting a different hue from that of the wall.

Casing.jpgCasing is the surrounding of a door that often comes in the same color as the trim.

Crown Molding
Crown Molding.jpgLocated at the edge of the ceiling and the wall, crown molding sits on the top of your room much like a crown. Crown moldings are of different styles and come in different ranges. Different types of trims can also be paired with different pieces like plinth blocks.

Molding Material
Molding Material.jpg
All these choices can be made combining different materials. It depends upon your flexibility and the kind of design that you want. One of the most popular and traditional trim options is wood. It not only weighs light, but is also easy to paint. You can also find other trim material options like foam, rubber, plastic and polyurethane. However, these types are not so popular as the wooden type and also not that durable.

Where to install a moldingĀ 
install a moldingInstallation of molding is performing using a specific process. Trims can be installed anywhere in your room, kitchen or bathroom. But if you have designed your doorway with a specific kind of designing formula consisting of a baseboard and a crown molding, then the same thing should be maintained throughout the house.

On the other hand, if you choose to decorate your doorway with a picture and chair rails along with wainscoting, you may not carry the same designing formula to the other rooms. It is recommended that you install such designing in rooms that have a high footfall.

Each molding or trim has its own advantages and disadvantages. A homeowner must weigh these options according to their personal requirements.