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Advantages Of A Pre Hung Door

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When you are remodeling your house or just planning to install a new door, pre hung options are your best bet. Pre hung doors are quite easy to install and also serve as excellent pieces of artwork for the doorway of a residential property.

Pre hung doors are generally manufactured from a wide range of materials, but wood is the most common, the carving on which can be done in variable ways according to the design requirements. Their installation process requires lesser construction compared to any other format of a door. The frame of a pre hung door is already attached with it and all you need to do is fix the whole thing in the place that you want. When it comes to choosing a door in the category of interior finishing material in Calgary, most choices stop to a pre hung door. The ease of construction that the item provides can help to save a lot of time, effort and money. The doors ensure a snug fit into the frame. The frame comes together to block the unwanted airflow and to avert shrinking, stretching or warping in the future. The frames are attached with strong hinges along with a door stop.

Types of pre hung doors

The most common type of pre hung door available in the market is the hollow core ones. These options are very light-weight and have a special elegance. This type of door should not be installed at the main entrance because they are not sound proof and the outside noise may enter in without any obstruction. A hollow core pre hung door is best if installed as an interior door. Because it is hollow core and light-weight, it is not capable of holding the outside cacophony at bay. A hollow core comes in many wood veneer types and thus, it can be matched with the existing woodwork or paint.
pre hung doors
Solid core pre hung door are similar to hardwood solid doors. They generally do have an exterior veneer. Unlike the hollow core, a solid core is sound proof and requires a little more work to be installed. It is needless to say that the door is also quite heavy. It can be installed at the main entrance without further deliberateness. It can be easily stained, painted or varnished according to requirements.

Finishing off with a pre hung door is a smart way to save your money. The savings can be utilised in laying a special flooring or any other home improvement project.



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